Benefits of Truthful Testimonials

People looking to purchase a product or service love recommendations, especially from ‘genuine’ existing customers giving ‘honest’ feedback – that way they can reduce the perceived risk when buying. This is particularly important in the modern digital economy, where often a potential customer’s first point of call is your business website.

Boost Trust and Credibility Levels of Your Business

Existing happy customers are your strongest advocates. Featuring them in video testimonials helps persuade new customers to buy from you.

If you’re thinking about using video as part of your marketing strategy, a series of video testimonials that promote your products and expertise is some of the most powerful and persuasive content available.

100% Genuine Testimonials Maximise Trust For Potential Customers

Your audience can be certain that every ‘Truthful Testimonial’ video is completely authentic and given by real customers, because we independently verify each and every one we produce.

The more your potential customers can believe and relate to the person their watching, the more likely they are to know, like and trust you. Increased trust leads to increased business.

Truthful Testimonials Have Proven ROI

Higher conversions, increased click through rates, more traffic to your website, improved SEO, these are just some of the benefits you’ll gain from our video testimonials.

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating of all types of content marketing, with a score of 89%, according to independent research by WebDAM.

We Make the Whole Process Easy for You and Your Customers

From the initial planning stage, to working with your clients on filming day, to delivering your finished video testimonial, we make the whole process quick and very painless.

Our expert team are highly skilled at working with people that aren’t used to appearing in front of the camera; our coaching ensures that they deliver an authentic and highly polished performance.

People across the UK trust us to create video testimonials for their businesses. Find out what customers think by watching our own videos testimonials here…