Proof – What Our Clients Think

We produce verified video testimonials for customers of all shapes and sizes across the UK, if you’re in business, be it B2B or B2C and delight your customers, then Truthful Testimonials can work for you.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our own testimonial videos below to see and hear what existing customers think.

Dave Calder – Universal Business Team

Snippets from Dave’s testimonial:

“We’ve proved so many times that testimonials are the best way to spread the word about our products. We can advertise them, but to hear it from the client as to their experiences and what they got from it wins every time. ”

“Working with Truthful testimonials the whole planning and filming process was made easy, they’re a great team, they make you feel comfortable, they help you with what you need to say, the support is fantastic and it works.”

Gary Delbridge – Objective Assessment

Snippets from Gary’s testimonial:

“To us it made sense to use Truthful Testimonials because it gave an objective view of what our customers were getting from us, rather than us telling people what our customers got from us and the fact that they were verified as being independent was really important to us.”

“The production process was simple from beginning to end… the testimonials have been really well received within the market place, we know that because we’ve received a lot of comments from enquiries that come in, where our our future customers have mentioned they’ve seen the testimonials.”

Alan Magee – Carlton Packaging

Snippets from Alan’s testimonial:

“We wanted video testimonials because there’s nothing in our view like a real live customer speaking up for a great experience they’ve had with our company.”

“The key thing for us is that the only thing we had to do was to get the client to agree to do the testimonial, from that point on Truthful handled the whole process.”