Proof – What Our Clients Think

We produce verified video testimonials for customers of all shapes and sizes across the UK, if you’re in business, be it B2B or B2C and delight your customers, then Truthful Testimonials can work for you.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our own testimonial videos below to see and hear what existing customers think.

Kids Allowed – Jennie Johnson, CEO

Snippets from Jennie’s testimonial include:

“We wanted to take customer testimonials to a new level… we felt that video brought it to a new level of authenticity… it creates something that a parent can really relate to, that little bit better than the written word.”

“Having the testimonials on our YouTube channel has been fantastic, they’re something we can point people to… something we can forward to prospective customers… these have been well viewed videos, so we know that they’re adding value to the way that we do things.”

“The process was really straightforward… the actual time in front of the camera for each customer was 5 or 10 minutes… so it’s not onerous at all… they enjoyed it too.”

“I’d recommend them… it’s just a fantastic way of getting your customers to vouch for your service or product… what better way to engage new potential customers.”

Matrix247 – Steve Pritchard, Group MD

Snippets from Steve’s testimonial include:

“I wanted video testimonials for Matrix247 as we’d started to see that response rates and opening rates to the traditional case studies we emailed out were reducing… we saw video testimonials as an attention grabbing media we could use for our website, email newsletters and Twitter campaigns”

“Our video testimonials have been received extremely well, we’ve received great responses when we’ve embedded them in emails we’ve sent out… click through rates and open rates are at an all time high and we’re now in the process of doing one for each sector we work in.”

“The production process, from planning to delivery was extremely easy – Truthful Testimonials did exactly as they’d promised when they pitched for the business.”

“I’d recommend them because I’ve found them extremely professional, very patient… the results have spoken for themselves, I actually just wish I’d done it years ago.”

Evans Accountants – David Evans, Managing Partner

Snippets from David’s testimonial include:

“The testimonial production process couldn’t have been easier.”

“Our testimonials have provided a real boost to our marketing efforts, we’ve seen a significant increase in web traffic and leads generated through our website.”

“I’d recommend them because they’re an excellent form of marketing and really good value for money – we’re planning on having some more produced.”

Sanderson Dance and Fitness – Jess Bynert, Director

Snippets from Jessica’s testimonial include:

“The Truthful team made it really easy to get good testimonials from our customers – it was really straightforward and they were produced quickly and effectively.”

“We’ve had a lot of compliments from the testimonials and we know they’ve been successful because when people come in and see us they’ve told us that’s why, so were really pleased.”

“I’d recommend them because the end product is really professional, the team make it easy and it’s cost effective.”