About Truthful Testimonials

Eureka! The Power of Video Testimonials is Their Ability to Build Trust in Your Business

Video is quickly becoming one of the most potent forms of marketing in the modern digital economy and customer testimonials have been proven to have the highest effectiveness rating of all types of content marketing, with a score of 89%. (Source: H.Schulze)

The real power of a professionally produced video testimonial, is its ability to build trust and credibility in a business, by showing authentic customers giving genuine feedback about their experiences. This ‘social proof’ helps to reduce hesitancy and maximise trust levels in your potential customers, making it far more likely that they’ll want to do business with you.

What Makes Truthful Testimonial Videos So Highly Rated?

We believe that the video testimonials we produce for our customers are some of the most trusted video content on the web. Every individual video testimonial is verified by our skilled team to ensure that the customer featured and the story they tell, are completely authentic. We don’t feature actors, stooges, family members or friends, just 100% genuine customers talking about their honest experience as a customer.

Our Truthful Testimonial videos deliver tangible results too – including higher conversions, increased click through rates, more traffic to your website and improved SEO, combined with a production process that makes the whole experience very easy for you and your customers being filmed.

We’re a Highly Experienced, Professional and Trustworthy Team

The UK’s leading video testimonial production and verification company, Truthful Testimonials is led by our founders, Managing Director Jon Coulter and Creative Director Karen Wormwell. Jon and Karen head-up our highly skilled and professional team of video producers, verification officers, camera operators and editors, as we create video testimonials that build trust and credibility for a range of amazing clients across the UK.

Whether you’re a large professional services firm or small SME looking to build your business, we can produce authentic video content that will engage and help to convert your prospective customers.

People across the UK trust us to create video testimonials for their businesses. Find out what customers think by watching our own videos testimonials here…