How to Use Customer Video Testimonials as an Exhibitor at Events and Conferences – Just Add Subtitles

One of our clients, telecoms company Matrix247 wanted to use some of the video testimonials we’ve produced for them ‘offline’ at a recent trade fair they were exhibiting at.

The plan was to have a couple of large TV screens on the stand with USB sticks plugged in, from which the video testimonials could be streamed – all pretty straightforward stuff. The challenge was going to be ‘hearing’ the video on the stand, when it got really busy – just cranking up the volume, wasn’t really going to work.

So what did we do?

We simply created a second version of the video testimonial with subtitles, which meant that people could watch the video, with the sound turned down and still easily understand what the customer giving the testimonial was saying. The customer video testimonial featuring Cheshire based law firm Poole Alcock went down a storm – you can check out the video featuring Deputy Managing Partner – Scott Harding, above

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