4 Tips on How to Ask Your Customers for a Video Testimonial

Most happy customers are willing to give a written testimonial, however asking them to appear in front of a camera may take a little more persuasion. So here are 4 great tips on the best way to make sure your customers will say ‘yes’ when you ask them to give you a video testimonial.

1. Choose customers who will have you at the front of their mind – select people you have successfully completed a project for or have a strong regular or long-term relationship with. Either way, they will have great things to say about you and your business and can use good examples of the work you have done for them, in the video testimonial.

2. Explain how simple the process is – let them have as much information about what to expect as possible. Reassure them that it won’t take much of their time and offer to film them at their premises. Also, allow them plenty of time to prepare what they will say before the filming day, by letting them have some key questions beforehand.

3. Bite the bullet and just ask – in our experience most happy customers are usually willing to give a testimonial and are often pleased and even flattered to be asked. If this is still a step to far for you, then consider including asking for a video testimonial as part of your normal customer care programme, so it becomes routine and could also then be done by someone else in your company.

4. Point out the benefits of taking part to your customers – if your customers are in business themselves, let them know that they will also benefit from the additional publicity they will get from appearing in your testimonial.

Not all of your customers will agree to give you a video testimonial, however we find that most people do say yes and they even tell us after the filming session, that they actually enjoyed the experience and had fun!

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