Great Customer Testimonials are Good for the Soul

blog-pic-2We had a really good day yesterday – we filmed 3 testimonials with 3 separate organisations, for a great client of ours. Although their businesses are very different, the common denominator between each company, is that all the participants are blown away with the great service they get from our client. No matter how many times I hear happy customers talking about brilliant customer service they’ve received, it still makes me smile to think that people will give up some of their valuable time to say so… and on camera too!

Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that all too often, we’re left feeling let down and disappointed by how we’re handled by some companies and as a result our expectations are actually quite low. How many tweets and facebook updates are posted every day, naming and shaming those perpetrators of poor service?

So it’s great to get to spend time filming terrific stories about companies that have ‘pulled out all of the stops’ to delight their customers. So the moral of this story… make your customers happy and they will return the favour!

I love my job!

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